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If you are interested in connecting with people around the world, this list of amazing websites to find pen pals will help get you started. As long as I can remember, I have had a snail mail pen pal.

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Snail mail simply means you correspond through handwritten letters that require stamps and the use of the post office. There have been countless famous pen pals throughout history as well. Who knows, maybe you will find your Marie Antoinette on this list of the best sites to find pen pals.

If you want something a little more modern, there are also a few websites where you can find a cyber penpal! They were established in and since then have processed over 2 million pen pal applications. I love this site because they ask you really detailed questions about your interests and the top countries you are interested in so they can match you up with the best pen pal for you. This is definitely one of the best sites to find pen pals.

By Lezlie Mitchell. International Pen Friends. Your reaction Thank you! Show Commnents Please rate this article click a star to vote. Read More. Are You Feeling Friendzoned? Here's 9 Ways to Know for Sure!

Curried Shrimp Type keyword s to search.How are the holidays coming already? It feels like only last year you were preparing a Christmas care package. Not to fear, we've got you covered with a list of awesome and inexpensive gifts to send your Pen Pal. Gifting doesn't have to be an expensive feat. It's also way more fun to do than regular shopping, and there's no limit to fun things to send in the mail. And so here's our list of definitive gift ideas for your Pen Pals.

Snail mail ideas that actually fit through the mailbox and make your Pen Pal's holiday! How long has it been since you made one of these?

Zines are back with a bang. All you need is some paper, pens, and your imagination.

Pen Pals 101: How to Find and Keep a Pen Pal to Practise Your Language Skills

Travelers should always keep travel journals. If your pen pal likes to see new countries, get them a small inexpensive notebook and decorate it especially for them! The Victorians created their own language using flowers. Why not press a leaf or flower to send to your pen pal? Simply place it between the pages of a book and leave it there for a while. Whether you make it yourself or find some at a local store or Etsy, handmade jewelry is a totally unique gift to give.

One of the best care packages one of my pen pals ever sent me included tea bags. This is a crazy cool idea for those who live in England, too. There are lots of sticker packs out there with more variety than you could ever dream of. Send your penpal some of the strangest ones or cutest ones you come across. I love rifling through old boxes of photographs and postcards at antique stores. Try and find one that was actually used as a postcard too - see what the person who wrote it said to their pen pal.

Candy is different the world over. The candy you get in the States is so much different to the candy you get elsewhere.I like movies, fashionfood, history chemistry science etc Hello,My name is hiroki. It's not easy to describe myself, but I'm basically open-minded, have simple but sometimes tangled thinking style. I enjoy various things and love the everyday life. Hi, I'm rika from Tokyo.

I'd like to know different cultures and study a lot of languages. I'm a mother of 2 children. I used to go out with my friends but now i mostly stay at home, taking care of my kids. I love traveling, finding new restaurants, watching sport especially figure skating and tennis.

I also like to learn other languages! Hello, I'm studying English and French so that I'd love to practice these languages. Hi I'm Kathy from Japan. I'm a high school student. I interested in travelling, music, movies, and you : I wanna your Penpal.

I think myself a calm person, but I like getting together with my friends to have fun. My name is chiaki. I'm japanese university student. I'm learning about culture, history and tourism. I like book,movie,travel,photography,food,incense and I like talk to many people. I'm interested in world heritage sites and ruins. I'm a sociable an My name is Kuta. I am working on architecture in Japan. My hobbies are watching anime and manga and watching movies.

I want to study English. I will teach you Japanese!

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Languages: Japanese, English. Languages: Japanese, English, Korean. Languages: English, Finnish, Japanese. Languages: Japanese, Spanish, English. Languages: Japanese, English, German. Languages: Japanese. Female Male Unspecified. Any Female Male. I have found so many great pen pals through Global Penfriends. Each person is so nice and if you are new you can always find people willing to help you learn.

This site has been good.With a 2 pencil, I bubbled in my name, my interests, and the top countries I was interested in: Yugoslavia as it was called!

It was an incredible experience to exchange pictures I still have her stoic 5th grade school picturestories from our schools, postcards from our vacations, etc. I remember the excitement of coming home from school and finding her letter on my bed: foreign stamps scattered across a colored envelope, addressed to me with her curly, distinctive handwriting. I can even recall when she told me I needed to start to address her letter to Macedonia, because it had declared independence and was its own country.

Writing to a pen-pal in another country can facilitate lifelong friendships- and at a minimum it creates a great learning experience that enhances social studies, geography, penmanship, and language skills.

There are a couple of different ways to go about finding a pen-pal for your kids from another country. Ask family, friends, and neighbors if they have a loved one abroad who would like a pen-pal.

best japanese pen pal apps

They might know an expat abroad, someone in the military based in another country, someone who is studying abroad, working as a missionary, a volunteer, or even have relatives who live in their home country. Make the connection with them and decide together if the pen-pals and your children would like to communicate via email, or if everyone is comfortable to dust off their stationary and mail letters through the post.

There are advantages of both. Via email, your kids get almost instant gratification.

15 Best Sites to Find Your Pen Pal to Write to ...

If their writing partner uses a digital camera, it is easy to share a lot of pictures, and perhaps their pen-pal even posts to a blog where your kids can write back in the comments section. However, in many countries internet is not as widely used as we are used to. The advantages of old fashioned paper and pen are many.

Kids practice their writing skills, can send drawings and cards, learn to address and stamp an envelope, and enjoy going to the post office to buy special international stamps. Although there is some patience involved you might wait months before getting a letter back from some remote locationsthe excitement of getting a letter in the mail with their name on it is not lost in our digital age.

Despite the expense, my kids have enjoyed sending little packages and homemade cards especially at the holidays to family members abroad, and of course they love receiving little presents even more. I personally am a little nervous about individuals who post here, because there is no background check or identify verification.

Never post your personal information on the internet for all to see, and I would prohibit my kids from visiting chat rooms, where identities are unknown. At a very popular site, Students of the Worldteachers can post their country of origin, or search the posts to find a suitable class with whom they can exchange letters.

best japanese pen pal apps

Another popular, ePalsyou can search the maps, and the various forums for people looking for pen-pals. Many times teachers will be looking for class partners, but there are also homeschooling families, and individual students searching for pen-pals. You could also register and post your own search. When I was teaching Spanish, we had a volunteer based in Bolivia, who would share incredible stories with us in English and Spanish.

A man on a burro came to pick up the mail every month from her high Andean village, and we exchanged letters once every couple of months. From their site:. A vibrant two-year exchange of ideas, stories, pictures, and artifacts that helps U. There are many, many organization who will put you in contact with a man or woman in the military. So get started today: find a pen-pal and locate their location on the globe.

Find out more about their city or country from books in the library or on-line. Get some fun stationary for your kids, and be available to help them write their first letters. When you go to mail the first letter, buy several stamps of the correct amount, so that you are ready when the next letter comes.

Have your kids draw some pictures, send a photo, ask questions- have fun with this intercultural exchange! I am looking for a pen pal for my two children. Much more difficult than it should be. My son is 5 and my daughter is Email me so maybe we can set up a pen pal system between you and one of my children.

I would like to have a pen friend from other countries so I can learn their culture.Account Options Sign in. Top charts.

best japanese pen pal apps

New releases. Doongle - Where your global journey begins Doongle Inc. Add to Wishlist. Your Global Journey Begins Never stop exploring the world! Start connecting with more than 1, Doonglers from countries and 3, cities. Expect the Unexpected Doongle is more than just posting your moments. Doongle users are making foreign friends, finding penpals, searching travel buddies, studying languages, and even dating through the app.

Need local information, place recommendations, guidance or wondering about certain area? Ask locals around the world and get real-time answers! A Trustworthy Community As we want Doongle users from different cultures and backgrounds feel safe and welcomed, we are dedicating time and effort to review users and posts based on Doongle Community Guidelines.

Doongle introducing Mission Mission is a QnA service that helps you to get closer to Doonglers from different countries and get travel tips and learn about their cultures.

Ask locals for the best tips be that about food, culture or places to visit and to avoid. Where should I go not to bump into tourists only?

Higher reward bid recommended for better response rate. Get story updates from your Doongle friends. Share your own moments and memories with others.

We also recommend new friends for you. It is a worldwide chatroom based on world map locations! Messages will be sent to a dedicated group of people. Reviews Review Policy. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. See more. InterPals - Friends and Language Exchange. Meet new friends, pen pals and language partners from around the world. Eliteall Ltd. AI Translation Chat.

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Anygram : Make Global Friends. Anygram Team.

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Meet new friends around the world. You can learn foreign language and culture. Postfun - exchange postcards around the world.

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For each postcard you send you will receive one back. Travel Pal: Meet The World.Finding a pen pal is a great way to connect with people from other parts of the world, to learn a foreign language, and to open yourself up to a new culture.

Of course, these days we have Skype and email, which make connecting with others around the world much easier.

How to get a Japanese penpal friend

But the desire to connect with people in different countries has been around far longer than the Internet! The postal service has been helping people learn languages and make new friends for hundreds of years.

And, even in this technological age, using snail mail to connect can still be incredibly effective. The best pen pals are usually those who have an interest in learning about different people, cultures and languages. They want to connect with the world outside their borders, but on a more personal level. Traditionally these pen pal opportunities would have been advertised in a newspaper or magazine.

There would be a short profile about the person who was looking for a pen pal, and you could decide to send them a letter based how well your interests matched up.

This might sound like an odd way to start a friendship, but many pen pals go on to become best friends and forge lifelong bonds thanks to these common interests. Nona Avery and Alice Powers are a great example of this. Technology has changed how pen pals find each other, with many websites offering to connect pals from all across the globe.

And the practice is still used today, despite all of the technology available to us. Being a pen pal is a less intimidating way of connecting with someone while practicing your writing skills in your target language. Crafting a letter to send to someone can help you learn new vocabulary, practice talking about specific themes, and improve your grammar.

Developing these friendships can also create opportunities to travel to countries and experience life there as a local. Take The Guardian columnist Libby Page for example. As part of her school French course, she was connected with a girl called Juliette who came from a town in western France. Libby would send her letters in French and receive a response in English so that Juliette could practice her skills.

Their letters would be filled with grammatical errors, and drawings to try and make their points clearer, but neither of them cared; they were learning by doing. After a few months, Libby had the opportunity to go to France where she stayed with Juliette and her family. If you enjoy writing and connecting with other people, having a pen pal is a great way to support your language learning efforts. Pen pals are for anyone looking to learn a language or discover more about another culture.

Technology has created lots of options for pen pals to connect with each other. So you can customise the type of pen pal you want to be based on how you like to write to people:. I find the most personal connections come from snail mail because a lot of time, care and attention goes into sending a handwritten letter. But you can still develop deep connections with people using the other two as well. Pen pal websites have replaced the magazine and newspaper advertisements that Nona and Alice used to find their pen pals 72 years ago.

There are now opportunities to connect with hundreds of like-minded people who want to share the language learning experience with you. Many people join these sites purely for language learning. Lots of independent language schools are connected to a local community and may be able to connect you with people in that community to become pen pals. Your normal junior, middle or high-school may also have connections with a student exchange program for language learning.

These often come with the opportunity to connect with other students in your connected school as pen pals. This can be a scary task because you want to express yourself well and make a good first impression. One of the great things about the CEFR language framework is that the levels progress in the same way as getting to know someone would.

Many conversations start around these topics anyway. Ask questions about their life, take an interest in who they are and talk about the things that matter to both of you. Mention something funny or memorable that happened, or describe the food or the ambience in some detail.The Basics What is a language exchange? Why do a language exchange? How to do a language exchange? Sign up now - add your free profile! Find a language exchange partner who has:.

Welcome Guest! Sign up. Add to Home screen. A language exchange with a pen pal from Japan is an excellent way to make a friend from Japan, learn about its culture and improve your foreign language skills. This type of exchange is suitable for langauge learners of all skill levels, even beginners. Because you have a common goal to help each other learn while discussing common interests, you are likely to make meaningful friendships.

Compared to live conversation, there is less pressure, because you can take your time to use a dictionary or refer to your lessons at a time of your convenience. It is also a great way to improve your writing, reading and grammar skills. The Basics. What is a language exchange? Penpals Features. Members with inactive or invalid email accounts are flagged.

And If you sent a message that is returned, you will be notified. You won't waste your time waiting for a reply! Don't have an international keyboard? No problem - insert foreign accented characters with a simple click! Click here to try now. Search by many criteria including age, gender, city, country and languages.

Find the penpal you want quickly! Use free how-to guidelines provided by an expert in language exchange learning. Get the best learning experience from your penpal exchange! Hello I would like to improve my English communications skills because of my work.

Please contact me. Snow April 15, Firstly I need to use English at work, so I'd like to improve my English. Also I'd like to make friends. I like travelling. Espero poder hacer buenos amigos. I had been in Canada for 8 months before, and wanna keep and improve my English.

I really love traveling, both inside and outside of Japan. I study English. I would like my English skills up because I like traveling abroad alone. So I want conversations there with locals. My goal is speaking in English without troubles. Also I like reading a book, nature.

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